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Village of Schaumburg Executive Staff

How to contact the Village Manager and Department Directors

The village encourages communication with its residents. Contact the individual Department Director by telephone or send that person an email by clicking on the name of the person you want to contact. 

Village Manager

Brian Townsend


The Village Manager oversees daily operations of the village. The manager prepares information for the Village Board and its standing committees, communicates board policies to village departments and monitors their implementation, develops and presents the annual budget to the village board, and supervises all departmental operations, employees and programs as well as provides oversight of the village's Legal Division.

Assistant Village Manager

Paula Hewson


The Assistant Village Manager provides support to the Village Manager as well as assistance in establishing vision and creating annual goals. She serves as Acting Village Manager in the absence of the Village Manager. Additionally, she serves as lead on the negotiating team for the village’s six collective bargaining agreements and on Capital Improvement Plan development; manages consultant for the village’s Office of Professional Standards (OPS), which includes providing guidance on departmental rules and regulations and village policies and procedures for sworn and non-sworn personnel and acts as liaison between department directors and consultant during investigations.



Economic Development

Director Matt Frank


The Economic Development Department is responsible for providing resources to the business and development communities with the purposes of attracting, retaining and expanding employment opportunities for area residents, stimulating the local economy and diversifying the local tax base, while maintaining a positive balance between growth, quality of life and the economy.


Director Lisa Petersen


The Finance Department is responsible for accounting and financial reporting, debt management, budget and financial planning, cash management and investing, licensing, pensions, property and casualty insurance, tax administration, revenues, vendor disbursements, and water and sewer billing. The department includes five divisions: Administration, Accounting, Purchasing, Collections and Utility Billing.


Chief Jim Walters


The Fire Department is responsible for providing emergency response services out of the village's five fire stations including fire, ambulance, hazardous materials, underwater rescue and recovery, high angle, trench and confined space rescue; and education/fire prevention programs including school presentations, fire safety trailer, station tours, high rise drills, and Explorer Scout Post 333.

Information Technology

Director Peter Schaak


The Information Technology Department (IT) is responsible for purchase, support, and maintenance of computer and communications systems, the village-wide area network and Local Area Networks (LAN) in all village facilities. The department is also responsible for the 311 Customer Service Center, which allows the public to initiate non-emergency requests to village representatives 24/7 for a variety of services and issues.

Human Resources

Director Ann Everhart


The Human Resources Department is responsible for developing and maintaining the village's Talent Management Plan, which includes attracting, engaging, building, promoting, and retaining talent with the objective to hire individuals who will likely be successful and support and develop them throughout their careers. The department is also responsible for labor and employee relations through the management of six collective bargaining agreements.

Community Development

Director Julie Fitzgerald


The Community Development Department is responsible for providing planning and zoning, development, engineering, building construction and code compliance services. Special programs include landscape design and plan compliance, neighborhood planning, residential tear-down and replacement assistance, permitting services, building code compliance inspections, land development services, code enforcement, environmental health and fire inspection services.


Chief James Lamkin


The Police Department is responsible for providing public safety services to all who live, work, play and travel within the 19 square miles of the village. The department is divided into four divisions: Patrol, Administration, Investigations and Special Operations. With a mix of sworn and civilian personal, an efficient and effective work force is provided. The department's overall mission is to "serve, protect and enhance the quality of life through community partnerships."

Engineering and Public Works

Interim Director Michael Hall


The Engineering and Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining village-owned properties and equipment. The department prepares detailed plans and specifications for public improvements, infrastructure and rehabilitation projects.The department oversees the construction of streets, street lights, sidewalks, bike paths, sewers, water mains, grading and parking lots. Snow removal and landscape maintenance is also a significant responsibility of the department.

Cultural Services

Director Jack Netter


The Cultural Services Department serves as the hub of arts activities for the community and Northwest suburbs, offering music, theatre, dance, film, storytelling, children's performances, and the visual arts year round in the Center's 442-seat theatre, outdoor stage and gallery. A fully-equipped video production studio provides a platform for the department to develop programming for the village’s cable television channels. The Special Events Division oversees coordination of activities including Septemberfest, the Prairie Arts Festival and the Volunteer of the Year Awards program.


Director Karyn Robles


The Transportation Department plays a key role in transportation planning both in the village and throughout the region. In addition, the department administers a variety of programs among which are local traffic regulation development and oversight, senior taxi subsidy, traffic signal interconnect monitoring, airport contract management and local transit service provision, bike path planning, and local transportation plan review.