Zoning Verification Letter

The Planning & Zoning department can provide research for properties located with the Village of Schaumburg village limits.  You can obtain this information by submitting a request for a Zoning Verification Letter.

It should be noted that building or fire code violation information or copies of certificates of occupancy should be handled by a Freedom of Information Act which can be filled out online using our FOIA Request form.

Requests can be made via mail or online via our WebPay app. Most requests are completed within ten (10) working days. Please contact the Community Development Department with any questions regarding this service or email kbauer@schaumburg.com.

The requirements for a Zoning Verification Letter are as follows:

  • Payment of the $175 fee.  Use the WebPay app or, if you prefer, make checks payable to the Village of Schaumburg.
  • Include a copy of your request with payment or attach it in the space provided on the WebPay app. Please include any specific questions with your request.
  • Please include any special form with your request you would like used. The Department has a standard from of our village letterhead that we use but can utilize your form if necessary and if included with the request.

Submit requests by regular mail to:

Please include all required documentation and a $175 check made out to the Village of Schaumburg to:

Village of Schaumburg
Community Development Department
Attn: Kimberly Bauer, Planning & Zoning Intern
101 Schaumburg Court 
Schaumburg, IL 60193-1899

Submit requests through our WebPay service:

Please include all required documentation on the applicable attachment page along with $175 payment fee online at: