House Audio

House Audio

Basic Audio System

This system is suitable for acoustic musical ensembles, music recitals, dance recitals and performances, corporate presentations or meetings, and orchestral setups where only a few vocal and / or instrument microphones are needed.

  • System is controlled from the theatre control booth (Console: Yamaha LS-9)
  • Eight available inputs plus music playback
  • Microphone inputs on stage for easy connection to the booth.
  • Left, center & right speakers – approximately 3,500 watts total power (Meyer CQ-2 & UPA)
  • Flown monitors downstage left and right with a single monitor mix are heard clearly onstage without heavy audio leakage into the wing space 

Enhanced Audio System

The enhanced system is suitable when a larger number of inputs and a higher level of control are desired.  The enhanced system is appropriate for larger plays and musicals with heavy reliance on wireless and floor microphones, medium-volume acoustic concerts and recitals where more inputs are needed, or any situation that necessitates control of the audio system from the house. This generally requires additional labor charges for set-up and operation.

  • Mix location is at the rear of the house on the house-left side (Console: Yamaha M7CL-32)
  • 32 available inputs plus several stereo returns
  • Main speakers on the deck (Meyer MTS-4a)
  • Up to six monitor mixes from FOH (QSC amps, Electrovoice T221 wedges)
  • Standard selection of vocal and instrument microphones and DI Boxes (Shure, AKG, Rode, Sennheiser, BeyerDynamic, Whirlwind)

Audio system requests other than the basic system must be made in advance of event date.  The Prairie Center for the Arts and its staff reserves the right to determine if an audio system request is not appropriate for any event.  The PCA staff also reserves the right to determine the maximum safe listening level in the theatre. The technical staff at the Prairie Center will be happy to discuss your system requirements with you if you are not certain which system your event requires.