Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting

Controller: ETC Ion 1000 with one 2x10 and one 2x20 fader wing

Dimmers: 170 - 2.4kW dimmers; 6 - 2.4kW non-dims

Circuit Allocation: 

1st FOH 26 (+1 non-dim) 2nd FOH 26
S.R. Box Boom 8 S.L. Box Boom 8
1st Electric 18 (+2 non-dim)  2nd Electric 18
3rd Electric 18 4th Electric 18
S.R. Floor Pocket (3) 3 ea (+1 non-dim D.S.) S.L. Floor Pocket (3) 3 ea (+1 non-dim D.S.)

All dimmers and traditional fixtures are fitted with L5-20 connectors.
A basic, two-color wash is available for all rentals. If your event has more detailed lighting requirements, please contact our technical supervisor as soon as possible to discuss options. At least three weeks advanced notice is required for light plot approval and hang. A house magic sheet and current plot are available upon request.