The Maggie Atcher Theatre was named for the wife of Schaumburg's first elected mayor, country singer Bob Atcher. Maggie insisted that the arts were essential to the community, and the Prairie Center is her legacy. 

With 442 seats and a 35' proscenium stage, the theatre can accommodate all types of events. The stage is 28' deep, plus a seven foot apron.



Eight fixed lighting positions, hundreds of dimmers and available stage fixtures and the Prairie Center's skilled technical staff ensure that your event will look the best it can. 




The stage includes 22' of open wing space on each side and a lighting grid. A full complement of curtains provides masking. A large projection screen is permanently hung downstage and is electrically operated. 



Two dressing rooms at stage level accommodate 10 - 12 people each and are equipped with sinks, showers, toilets program monitors. Two additional dressing rooms are available a short distance from the stage.

Complete theatre specs are available here.