Rental Rates

Rental Rates

Rates Effective January 1, 2019 and subject to change

Maggie Atcher Theatre Rate Type Rate
Performance, Mon - Thurs (six hour block) Block $450.00
Second Performance, Same Day Block $150.00
Performance, Fri - Sun (six hour block) Block $600.00
Second Performance, Same Day Block $180.00
Rehearsal and Load In/Out Time Hourly $75.00
Meetings Hourly $175.00
 Other Spaces
Gallery / Reception Space Hourly $100.00
Lecture Hall Hourly $125.00
Conference Rooms Hourly $85.00
501(c) (3) or other registered nonprofit organizations receive a 30% discount on room rental rates
Labor Rates
Stage Technician Hourly $28.00
Lead Technician Hourly $35.00
Box Office Worker Hourly $25.00
Equipment & Services
Piano Tuning Fixed $125.00
Cleaning * Fixed $150.00
Concert Audio System Daily $300.00
Theatre Projector Daily $150.00
Risers, 4' x 8' Each $10.00
Grand Piano Daily $100.00
* Required between multiple shows or if building is left in excessively dirty condition


A $100 deposit is required to secure a date after approval. 

Lessee is required to furnish a certificate of insurance (COI) naming the Village of Schaumburg as additional insured in the amounts of $1,000,000 property damage and $1,000,000 liability. Insurance can be purchased through the Village of Schaumburg. Please contact Lisa Ainley at 847-923-3606 for further information.

Renters should be familiar with our general usage regulations.