Schaumburg Choral Program

Schaumburg Choral Program

Schaumburg Youth Choir


Why Audition for SYC's 2018-19 Season?


Prelude – Open to all students grades 3 and up, this choir trains our youngest singers.  Focus is on singing technique, beginning sight-singing skills (solfege and rhythm training), unison and beginning two-part singing, and developing a life-long joy and love of singing.  


Cantabile – Open to students grades 6 and up that demonstrate strong vocal technique and independent beginning sight-singing skills.  Students learn more challenging sight-singing skills (solfege and rhythm), vocal technique, and perform unison, 2-part, and  3- part choral repertoire. 


Kammerchor – Open to students in high school through age 22 and are enrolled in their school's choral program that demonstrate mature, experienced vocal technique and strong sight-singing skills.  Students perform a wide variety of more challenging repertoire, ranging from unison to 8-part harmony.  Students are instructed in vocal technique, music theory, and ensemble performance skills.


Audition for SYC 2018-19 Season


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