Audition for the Schaumburg Youth Choir's
2020-21 Season from Home!

The Schaumburg Youth Choir is accepting home-recorded video auditions for next season. There is no fee to audition. Tuition payment is not required until the start of the season.

Grades 3 and up (as of Fall, 2020) are eligible to audition for Prelude.
Grades 7th and up (as of Fall, 2020) are eligible to audition for Cantabile.
Grades 10th and up (as of Fall, 2020) are eligible to audition for Kammerchor.

Two-Step Audition Process

1. Record your audition video.

Grades 3-8: Please record yourself singing a short song of your choice (accompaniment is optional). If you do not know a song to sing, we recommend learning “My County ‘tis of Thee” (first verse only). 

High School: Please prepare a short solo of your choosing (aria or art song preferred). 

2. Submit your audition video with the completed online audition/registration form here:

That's it. Auditions will be accepted through June 1.

Participation Fee for the  2020-2021 Season

Kammerchor: $225
Cantabile and Prelude: $200
Fee  includes a family donation to the Prairie Center Arts Foundation,  rehearsal materials, and folders. Installment payment plans available. Referral discount! Do you know a potential SYC member? You’ll receive up to a $25 discount off your registration fee for every new member you refer to the program --we’ll also take $25 off the new member’s tuition.

Questions? Email Us.