Parkway Damage

Parkway Repairs

For many years, the Department of Engineering and Public Works has been repairing parkway damage caused by village snow and ice equipment, as well as damage caused during utility dig-ups performed by the Engineering and Public Works Department. Parkway repairs usually begin in April, weather permitting, and continue into early June. The village suspends parkway repairs during the hot summer months, July and August. Repairs continue in early September through November. Damage which occurs mid to late summer will be repaired in the spring of the following year.

How are parkways repaired?

The Engineering and Public Works Department personnel will inspect the damage to your parkway, measure and mark the area needing repair, and will leave a door tag notifying you when the repairs will be scheduled. Parkway repairs begin with the removal of the damaged area, topsoil is then used to bring the area up to grade, soon afterwards the new sod will be put into place. At this point, watering begins.


Our contractor will water your new sod every other day for ten days, following installation. During this period your new sod should have rooted. You can verify this by gently pulling up on the sod; if there is any resistance, the sod has rooted and is now safe to mow. Once the sod has rooted, continue to water the sod, approximately one inch weekly; watering your sod in the early morning is best. Newly planted sod has a very shallow root system, requiring more water with a greater frequency than an established lawn. During hot/dry weather, more frequent watering may be required to keep your newly planted sod healthy.

If your parkway has been damaged by village snow and ice equipment, dial 311, or create an online Customer Service Request (CSR).