Installation and Maintenance of Your Mailbox in Schaumburg


The U.S. Post Office has certain requirements for the installation of a rural type mailbox which allows the postal delivery person to reach the mailbox from a vehicle. Schaumburg Engineering and Public Works also has requirements for the installation of a mailbox that allows us to plow snow right up to the curb. Since the top corner of the plow overhangs the bottom edge, a mailbox placed too close to the curb will be knocked over and damaged during normal plowing operations.

The important dimension to remember when locating your mailbox is that the front face of the mailbox must be 12” behind the back of the curb.  If the front of the mailbox is less than 12” behind the curb, the snowplow will knock it over when plowing the edge of the street. The height of the mailbox must be between 36” to 42” from the top of the street to the bottom of the mailbox. The mailbox post must be secured with either an 18” to 24” quick spike or set in concrete 18” to 24” deep. Finally, before digging or driving in any spikes, call J.U.L.I.E. for utility locates at 1.800.892.0123 or visit the J.U.L.I.E. website.

If Damage Occurs

If your mailbox is located in accordance with the standards and a village snowplow actually strikes and damages the mailbox, the Engineering and Public Works Department will be responsible for replacing it with a standard mailbox. Should the mailbox be incorrectly located or knocked down from the weight of the snow rolling off the plow, then you will be responsible for replacing it. The department will not be responsible for replacement of decorative or brick mailboxes. If it is determined that a decorative or brick mailbox was struck by a village snowplow, you may be eligible for up to a $75 reimbursement. 

If damage occurs, dial 311 in Schaumburg to report or complete an online service request.

Once service has been requested, Engineering and Public Works will inspect your mailbox and determine responsibility.

Mailbox Maintenance

You are responsible for properly maintaining your mailbox. This includes repairing or replacing your mailbox post when it becomes weak or rotted due to age, or damaged caused by mowing and weed whipping practices.  Weak, rotted, or damaged posts will not be replaced by the village if they are knocked down during snow and ice operations.

It is also a good idea to perform yearly maintenance on your mailbox. Replace any deteriorated hardware, bracing, or decorative pieces. A fresh coat of paint on metal and wood materials will also help protect your mailbox against damage caused by moisture and exposure to the many different weather conditions our area experiences each year.