Experiencing a Sewer Backup?

What To Do When Experiencing A Sewer Backup

If a sewer backup occurs, the first telephone call made should be to the Engineering & Public Works Department.

847.923.6612 (Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm)

If a backup occurs prior to or after these hours, or on the weekend, dial 311 in Schaumburg.

A village representative will come to the location to assess the problem and inform the resident what action is necessary based on village policy.

  • If the blockage is in the sanitary service line that runs from the house to the village’s main line, the homeowner, or a plumber, must make the first attempt to eliminate the blockage. Once a plumber arrives, call the Engineering & Public Works Department again and a representative will come out and witness the plumber’s attempt to clear the blockage.
  • If the blockage is between the house and the property line, all necessary repairs and restoration are the homeowner’s responsibility. If the blockage is past the property line and cannot be opened by a plumber, the village will be responsible for all additional necessary repairs and restoration past the property line, per village policy.
Please remember, call the Engineering & Public Works Department before calling a plumber.

The village will not assume responsibility unless contacted first and then called to witness the plumber’s attempt to eliminate the blockage.

Call Engineering & Public Works before calling a plumber at 847.923.6612

Please review the Service Line Fact Sheet, for more information.