Detention Inspection Program

February 2011

The Community Development Department is beginning a new detention inspection program throughout the village.  This program will encompass all stormwater management features of a site including detention basins, underground detention, parking lot detention, rain gardens, flow control structures, and/or stormwater quality devices. 

The village has recently sent out letters to property owners who will be affected by this program in 2011.  If you have received one of these letters and are not the property owner or the agent in charge of maintenance for the property, please contact the Community Development Department to update our records.  Inspections by the Community Development Department are expected to begin in April, and continue through October.  The property owner does not have to be present for the inspection, and no fees will be assessed for the inspection.  The village expects to have sites on a five year rotating basis for stormwater management inspections.  After the first inspection, property owners will be notified in writing if additional maintenance will be required on the stormwater features of their property.  If maintenance will be required, a follow-up inspection will be completed by the village in approximately 60 days to verify compliance with maintenance requirements.

If you have further questions on this program, you may contact the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.

Detention Basin brochure