Current Requests for Bids and Proposals

It is the responsibility of the potential vendor/contractor to notify the Purchasing Office when requests for bids or proposals are downloaded from this listing. Addenda will be sent only to those individuals who have contacted The Finance Department's Purchasing Division and advised that they have a request for bids or proposals. The Purchasing Division can be reached by calling 847.923.4512 and via e-mail to Register your interest in becoming a supplier to the Village of Schaumburg by completing and returning theVendor Registration Form.

The supplier remains responsible for obtaining all addenda to the original specification.

  • Forward submittals in sealed envelopes clearly marked with the bid number, the name of the bid, and the date and time of the scheduled opening.
  • Plan Holder's Lists are not released prior to award of contract.
  • Bid tabulations represent "as read" submittals at time of the bid opening. They do not represent contract award.

Type Title Status
RFPs IT-092 17 Enterprise Video Surveillance System Under Review
RFPs PW-438 17 Residential Refuse & Recycling Service Pending
RFPs ENG-196 17 Professional Service Consultant Pool Closed
RFPs PCA-097 17 Septemberfest Carnival Services Closed
RFPs TR-041 17 Aviation Consulting Services Closed
RFPs PCA-098 17 Septemberfest Novelty Services Closed
Bids PCA-099 17 Septemberfest Stage, Sound & Lighting Closed
Bids FD-018 17 Fire Dept. Uniforms & Equipment Closed
RFPs PCA-101 17 Marketing Specialist Closed
Bids GEN-098 17 Supply of Natural Gas Pending
Bids GEN-097 17 Electric Power Supply Pending
Bids PW-440 17 Tree & Stump Removal Services Under Review
Bids PW-442 17 Flowering Plants & Perennials Under Review
Bids PW-441 17 Turf & Parkway Maintenance Under Review
Bids PW-443 17 Landscape Plant Material Installation Under Review
Bids PW-444 17 Irrigation System & Waterfall Feature Maintenance Under Review
Bids ENG-200 17 2017 Street Improvement Program - Contract 1 Closed
Bids PCA-102 17 Festival Tent Rental Closed
Bids GEN-099 17 Water Billing Printing & Mailing Service Under Review
Bids ENG-198 17 Utility Improvements Closed
Bids ENG-199 17 Public Safety Building Improvements Pending
Bids PW-445 17 Large Water Meter Test & Repair Service Under Review
Bids PW-446 17 Utility Section Construction Material Under Review
Bids PW-447 17 Potable Water Meters Under Review
RFPs PW-448 17 Pest Control Closed
RFPs PW-449 17 Elevator Maintenance, Inspection & Repair Closed
Bids IT-093 17 Flash Drive Storage Open
RFPs ENG-201 17 Architectural Consultant Pool Under Review
Bids ENG-202 17 2017 Street Improvement Program - Contract No. 2 Under Review
Bids ENG-203 17 2017 Concrete Repair Program Open
Bids ENG-204 17 Wise Road Rehabilitation Project Open
RFPs GEN-100 17 Insurance Brokerage Service Open
RFPs ENG-205 17 EPW Facility Storage Assessment Open
Bids TR-042 17 Bicycle Lockers & Racks Open