Fire Alarm Invoice

A completed Fire Alarm License Application is required for all businesses protected by a fire alarm, fire sprinkler and/or other fire suppression system. The Fire Alarm License application and annual fee must be submitted before occupancy can be approved by the Fire Prevention Bureau.

The annual Fire Alarm License fee is $62 per year. Licenses can be renewed each year between November 1 and December 31.

The Fire Alarm License Application must include a list of no less than 3 persons, including their telephone numbers, who can be contacted and will respond to the premises in the event of an emergency or to reset or deactivate the alarm system, or who could contact the fire alarm permittee. The application also requires the contact information for the following:

  • The company that installed the alarm system
  • The central monitoring station
  • The company responsible for maintenance and repair of the fire alarm system

To apply for a Fire Alarm License online and pay with a credit card, visit the village's WebPay page. Fire Alarm License applications can also be submitted in person at the Community Development counter in the village hall.

Questions can be directed to the Fire Prevention Bureau at 847.985.4452.