Budgets and Capital Planning

The Village of Schaumburg strives to provide up to date and detailed financial information. This can be difficult given the complex nature of village operations and accounting requirements. If you are interested in a specific aspect of your local government and its finances the best thing to do is contact us directly. However, we also are interested in providing you an overview of the village's finances here to help you understand the fiscal condition of the village.

Annual Budget

The proposed FY 2019/20 budget has total revenues and other financing sources (OFS) of $255 million and projected total expenditures and other financing uses (OFU) of $255 million. Compared to the FY 2018/19 Amended Budget, revenues and OFS are up 2.6% and expenditures and OFU are up 0.4%. The proposed budget allocates resources necessary to continue progress on priorities set by the Village Board, such as street reconstruction, North Schaumburg TIF redevelopment, utility infrastructure upgrades, and operational improvements to enhance efficiency and support services to the community.

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Schaumburg's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a multiyear plan covering a five year period that helps the village budget for and schedule necessary capital improvement projects.  This plan also sets the proposed capital expenditures for the fiscal year budget.  The proposed CIP addresses repair and replacement of existing infrastructure as well as the development or acquisition of new facilities, property, improvements and major equipment to accommodate community and organizational needs.