False Alarms

False Alarm Reduction Program

To establish a more efficient and user friendly false alarm reduction program, the Village of Schaumburg has contracted with Public Safety Corporation (PSC).  PSC will help reduce the demand on the emergency workers responding to false alarms, and offer an online convenience to alarm users.

 Recent change in the village ordinance also requires that all burglar and residential fire alarms be registered.  For this and other information regarding the false alarm reduction program, please visit this website:  www.crywolfservices.com/schaumburgil, or contact 855-787-2696 Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.


What is a False Alarm?

A false alarm is any alarm caused by human error or equipment problems that requires police or fire response when there is no evidence of an actual crime or fire.

The Village of Schaumburg’s Alarm Ordinance defines a false alarm as: "an activation or transmission of any alarm signal caused by human error, mechanical or electronic malfunction, to include faulty equipment and telephone lines, negligence of the alarm subscriber or alarm subscriber’s employee, whether or not the exact cause of the alarm activation can be determined by responding units, or any other activation or transmission of any alarm signal where no actual or attempted burglary, robbery, fire or medical, or panic alarm need exists."

Alarm systems were originally designed to protect lives and property. Properly installed, used, and maintained alarms are a real asset. When misused they become a liability. Each year false alarms cost citizens millions of dollars.

Cost Breakdown Per Alarm Occurrence



0 – 2

No Charge

0 – 2

No Charge

3 – 5




6 – 7




8 or more






10 or more



Did you know that "Human Error" is the #1 Reason for False Alarms?


To Avoid False Alarms For Your Home or Business Be Sure To:

  • Train Authorized Users
  • Secure Doors and Windows Before Turning Alarm On
  • Notify Your Monitoring Facility of Unscheduled Openings or Closings
  • Update Personnel or Key Holder List with Your Monitoring Company

Click on the link below to access the Central Stations Alarm Association (CSAA) False Alarm Online Training course.

CSAA False Alarm Online Training