Care Trak Program



The CARE TRAK program is a tracking device that assists in locating people with special needs who have a history of wandering from their home.   The CARE TRAK bracelet contains a transmitter with a radio frequency which a person can wear as a wrist or ankle bracelet.   Should the person wander, the Schaumburg Police Department can begin the search using a radio tracking system.


    Crime Prevention Specialist sets an appointment with the client and responsible family member to discuss the program
    Family members complete forms and provide a recent photo.   A deposit is required which includes costs for the monthly battery change and battery tester
  • The transmitter is attached to a bracelet; family is given a battery tester and Daily Transmitter Tester Log
  • Batteries for CARE TRAK are changed monthly.  If the battery should fail, family should contact Crime Prevention immediately
  • Should the CARE TRAK client run away or go missing, the family should contact 9-1-1.
  • CARE TRAK-trained personnel will respond using CARE TRAK tracking equipment to begin the search
  • Anybody seeking information about the Care Trak program can contact Paula Diaz, Crime Prevention Specialist at 847.348.7274 or by email