Commuter Parking

Commuter Alerts:
  • If you log in and cannot see your permit, make sure you are logging in with the same account (email vs. phone number) that you used to purchase your permit.
  •  Waitlist - If you see if there is a waitlist, go ahead and put your name on the waitlist and expect an email in a day or two allowing you to purchase your permit. Staff is working with our vendor to prevent this in the future.
  • Fare increase on May 1, 2019.
    • This fee increase will impact the May Monthly Permit and the July-September Quarterly Permit.
    • Increased rate will now include all associated fees.
    • More details below.
  •  Turning on Auto Renewal is recommended. This will guarantee you receive the next permit and not be on a waitlist if permits sell out.

Schaumburg Metra Commuter Parking Permit Fees to Increase May 1, 2019

The Village of Schaumburg Monthly and Quarterly Permit parking fees for the Schaumburg Metra Commuter parking lot will increase May 1, 2019. This increase will only apply to the north side of the train tracks at the Schaumburg Metra Station located at 2000 S. Springinsguth Road, which services Metra’s Milwaukee District West Line. The increase will begin with the May Monthly Commuter Permit and the July-September Quarterly Commuter Permit.

Monthly Permits will increase from $30 to $32 and Quarterly Permits will increase from $76 to $81. The new cost of the permits will cover all associated fees including credit card fees which were previously added onto the total cost of the $30 or $76 permit.

Fees are generally increased every 2 -3 years to help cover maintenance costs. The last rate increase took place in January 2017.

There will be no increase to the Daily Fee parking at this time. 

Additional information regarding the Schaumburg Metra Station and the Passport Parking mobile payment application can be found on the village’s website or by dialing 311 in Schaumburg. 


Schaumburg now using Digital Permits

On March 1, 2019, the Commuter Parking Permit at the north parking lot of the Schaumburg Commuter Station transitioned from a physical hang-tag permit to a digital license plate permit. This change allows the user to have better access to their permit and also reduce administrative time for village employees. The permit is instantly activated on the first day of the permit cycle or at the time of purchase (if purchased after the permit cycle has already begun). Once the user has created an account with Passport they will be able to purchase a monthly or quarterly permit, manage their permit, add up to 4 vehicles under one permit, and set up auto-renewal. Please read through the FAQs below for more detailed instructions.

Getting Started 

Where do I Start?

In order to view and purchase your digital monthly or quarterly permit, you will first need to create an account with Passport. The Passport website is both smartphone and desktop computer friendly. You can sign up with either an email address or a phone number. 

How do I Create an Online Permit Account?

  •  Go to
  • Enter either a valid email address or phone number.
  • A 3-digit code will be sent to you (via email, text or call), please enter it to validate your account.
  • Create a 4-Digit Pin (equivalent to a password).

What do I do with my Physical Permit?

If you have already purchased a physical hangtag permit, you are still REQUIRED to display your physical hangtag permit through the expiration of the permit’s cycle. For permits purchased through this portal, we are switching to a digital system that recognizes the license plate(s) tied to your account, and therefore will not require you to display a physical permit.

Where is my Permit?

The permit is now a digital permit that uses your license plate to determine if your vehicle holds a valid commuter parking permit. Hangtags will no longer be distributed to hang in your rearview mirror.

Can the Permits Sell Out?

If there are available permits, “Available” will appear under the price of the permit. If there are not any available permits, your waitlist number will appear instead.


How do I Change/Update the Phone Number or Email Address on my Account?

You will need to create a new account in order to change/update the login method. To create a new account, please click the Logout Tab and then click Sign-Up and enter a new phone number or email address.

How do I Reset my PIN?

Click “Reset PIN“ when prompted to provide your PIN code. You will be able to reset your PIN immediately, but for security reasons your credit cards will be removed from your account.

How do I Update the License Plate Associated with my Permit?

Note: Do not include spaces when entering in your license plate number.

  • Click the “View/Add Permits” tab
  • Click “Manage Permit” next to your Active Permit
  • Click “Edit” next to the vehicle
  • Edit vehicle information
  • Click “Save
  • There is no fee for editing your vehicle.


How do I Add/Delete a Payment card?

  • Click the “Payment” tab
  • Click “Add Card” or “Delete
  • Enter your card information or delete the card you want to remove
  • Click "Save” or “Delete Card

Can I Pay for other People's Permits?

Yes, just click “Add New Permit” and fill out the application.

How do I Sign Up for Auto-Renewal?

After you purchase or extend your permit, you will be prompted to set up auto-renewal. Auto-renew allows the system to charge the card on file on the first day of the next permit term. You can sign up after the initial permit purchase by logging into your account, navigating to “View/Add Permits” and selecting “Setup Automatic Renewal".

Auto-Renewal users will receive an email 14 days before their permit expires to alert them that their payment will be processed. Recurring payments are always processed on the first day of the permit cycle. If you are canceling your permit, your auto-renewal must be canceled before the first day of the month or you will be charged. All payments for permits are final and non-refundable.

Am I Allowed to Use my Wage Works Card to Pay for my Permit?

Yes, but a Wage Works credit card can only be accepted online. Wage Works credit cards cannot be accepted in person at the front counter of Village Hall or the Police Station.

Can I Pay for my Permit with a Check or Money Order?

No, this web portal only accepts credit or debit cards as acceptable forms of payment. If cash or check is your only option, payment may be made at the Finance Counter at Village Hall during operating hours. Note that you will still need to create an online account.

How do I View or Print my Receipt?

  • Click the “View/Add Permits” tab
  • Click “Manage Permit” next to your Active Permit
  • Click “Payment History

Policies & Procedures

Where can I Park?

The front half of the north side (Boomers Stadium) of the Schaumburg Commuter Parking Lot is reserved for monthly and quarterly permit holders. If there is no longer parking available in the front half of the parking lot, monthly and quarterly permits holders may park in the Daily Fee Section located in the back half of the parking lot.

Map for Permit and Daily Fee parking sections

If I no longer want my Permit, can I get a Refund or have my Permit Converted to a different Time Period?

No, all payments for permits are non-refundable and your permit will be valid until the end of the purchased cycle. When purchasing a permit, make sure you are selecting the correct time period and double check once more before purchasing.

Can I have Multiple Vehicles Tied to the same Permit?

Yes, you are allowed to add up to four vehicles to a single permit. However, only one of those vehicles may be parked in the lot at one time. If you want to add additional vehicles after you already purchased a permit, follow the below process:

  • Click the “View/Add Permits” tab
  • Click “Manage Permit” next to your Active Permit
  • Click “Add Vehicle
  • Enter vehicle information
  • Click “Add Vehicle
  • There is no fee for editing your vehicle.

How does Enforcement know I hold an Active Permit?

Digital permit data is instantly sent to parking enforcement personnel. The officer will use your license plate to determine if you are a valid commuter parking permit holder.

Why can I only Purchase a Quarterly Permit for Certain Quarters?

Quarterly permits are only available for the 4 quarters of the year: January – March, April – June, July – September, and October – December. Permit purchases for durations other than 1 month or 3 months are no longer permitted.

Am I Allowed to Park in the Metra Parking Lot Overnight?

Customers who have purchased a monthly or quarterly permit are allowed to park in the Schaumburg Metra Lot anytime during their permit cycle. This includes overnight and weekends.

Customers who have paid for daily fee parking are also allowed to park in the parking lot anytime during their purchased session. The expiration time will be listed on the receipt.

Customers that are looking to park overnight in other parts of the village should click here to find instructions on overnight parking rules and applications.

How do I Pay for Daily Fee Parking?

First of all, remember your space number. It is the number hanging directly over the parking space. If there is no space number above your parking space, you are most likely parked in the permit parking area and will need to move your vehicle.

Via Smartphone – Download the Passport Parking app or visit to pay for parking that allows you to stay for the day. After you set up your account and use zone number 60193, add your space number and select your time of duration.

Via On-Site Pay Kiosk – There are 6 physical daily fee parking meters located along the center walkway of the north parking lot. These meters accept coins, cash, debit and credit cards. The daily fee parking meters located on the south side of the railroad tracks are only for the south parking lot and you will receive a parking violation if you pay on the wrong machines.

How do I Pay my Parking Ticket?

Click here for directions on how to pay online, in person, or by mail.

How do I Contest my Parking Ticket?

Click here for directions on how to contest your ticket in writing or in person.

Additional Support

If you have additional questions, you may contact the Village of Schaumburg Transportation Department at 847.923.3861.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the passport website, first try a different browser. The site is also mobile friendly and payments may be made from a smartphone or computer. If technical issues still persist then follow the directions on the site to report a problem.

Terms & Conditions


This parking contract allows you to park one (1) vehicle in a designated area at your own risk for the effective dates of the purchased permit. Either party may terminate this contract at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party thirty (30) days written notice to terminate.

The Village of Schaumburg does not agree to safeguard your vehicle or assume care, custody or control of your vehicle or its contents. The Village of Schaumburg is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss to your vehicle or its contents. Only a license to park is guaranteed hereby, and no transfer of ownership is created. In the event that a lawsuit is filed for any casualty to your vehicle or its contents, you agree to defend and indemnify the Village of Schaumburg for any other type of loss including attorney fees. This is your contract and no Village employee may modify or waive any of the contract terms.

Non-Compliance of any of the below rules and regulations may result in a parking violation or having your parking privileges revoked.

  1. Monthly parking fees are due before the customer uses the permit.
  2. Registration of vehicle(s) can only be accomplished online. Customers must sign up and pay for parking online via the website. One (1) permit can register up to 4 vehicles, but only 1 vehicle shall park in the parking lot at one time.
  3. The customer is responsible for selecting the appropriate days for the permit. While purchasing a permit, customers will be held responsible to confirm that the days they are selecting are for the appropriate permit and permit period.
  4. If customers are using Auto-Renewal, customers will be held responsible to confirm that their parking has renewed by the 1st day of the permit period. Schaumburg will provide a courtesy reminder email however will not waive violations issued for customers who have allowed their permits to lapse without payment.
  5. The customer is responsible for keeping their payment, profile, and vehicle information up to date on the online pay portal.
  6. Customers shall park only in the lot for which they have purchased a permit. Customers agree to follow all instructions of the facility, lot personnel and posted signage i.e. designated parking area.
  7. Parking is first come/first serve and non-reservable unless specified within a lease agreement.
  8. Overflow parking is only permitted for special reasons (ex: a full lot). Any parkers found paying for one lot and parking in another without authorization will receive a violation.
  9. All Cancellations must be made BEFORE the last day of the month. Customers can cancel parking online ANY day before the last day of the month to halt parking charges. A customer can finish out the contract for the remaining days left in the current period that is paid. No refunds are given for late cancellations.
  10. No refunds or credits. All sales are final for daily, monthly, and quarterly purchases.
  11. The Village of Schaumburg reserves the right to increase daily, monthly, or quarterly rates as needed. Schaumburg will provide at least one emailed notice to commuters to notify them of planned rate increases.
  12. If a customer does not cancel by the last day of the month, they are subject to these rate changes (see #11). By not cancelling they agree to any indicated rate changes.
  13. All customers are subject to rate changes imposed made by the Village of Schaumburg notwithstanding when the parkers previously purchased.
  14. All Auto-Renews take place on the first day of the month. By signing up you are agreeing to the rates which are associated with the lot that your credit card is connected to.
  15. Permits purchased after the first day of the permit period will not be pro-rated.
  16. All prices for parking are final and non-negotiable.
  17. The Village of Schaumburg reserves the right to close the facility in the event of an emergency or occurrence, without notification or compensation.
  18. No prior notice is required for proceedings and events that are taking place in/around the parking facility that are not held by the Village of Schaumburg. It is the responsibility of the customer to gain said knowledge that other agencies may impact access to the parking lot.
  19. Customer understands that the lots are park at your own risk, and Schaumburg will not be held liable for any damages or stolen belongings. Do not leave valuables, cell phones, wallets or purses (etc.) in your vehicle. Hide and/or lock up all of your belongings.
  20. All violations must be paid or appealed in the manner listed on the issued violation.
  21. These Terms and Conditions are not negotiable.

Thank you for your understanding.