Metra Train Service


Metra Platform Construction

Metra Platform construction will begin June 24th. This is a Metra Project and not a Village of Schaumburg Project. Please direct all questions, comments, and concerns to Metra’s Media Relations number at 312.322.6776.

Construction Notice

Metra & Station Information
Ticket Purchases
Parking – North Side of the Tracks
     Daily Fee Parking
     Monthly Parking Permits
Parking – South Side of the Tracks (owned by Metra, Operated by SP Plus)
Bicycle Parking
Public Transportation Options

Metra Rail Station

Schaumburg Metra Station

2000 South Springinsguth Road
Typical Agent Hours:
Monday - Friday / 5:00 am - 12:40 pm
Waiting Room Hours:
Monday - Friday / 4:00 am - 2:00 am
Saturday & Sunday / 5:45 am - 2:00 am

Schaumburg is served by Metra's Milwaukee District West Line which connects to Chicago’s Union Station to the east and Elgin to the west.

Metra System Map
Downloadable Metra Schedule - Milwaukee District West (MD-W)

Ticket Purchases

Tickets can be purchased at the Schaumburg Metra Station when a ticket agent is on duty (M-F, 5:00 am – 12:40 pm). If the ticket agent is off duty, tickets may be purchased on the train or with the Ventra App on your mobile phone. If a ticket agent is on duty but you choose to purchase your ticket from the conductor on the train, there will be a $5 surcharge.

Metra accepts all major credit cards at Schaumburg’s Metra Station, all of its downtown stations, and other stations where a ticket agent is on duty. Note that tickets purchased on the train will require cash.

Metra Fares - Milwaukee District - West (Schaumburg Zone F) 

Parking - North Side of the Railroad Tracks

Ample paid parking and free bicycle parking is available on the north side (Boomers Stadium) of the train tracks. Parking on the south side of the train tracks is in Roselle and is NOT maintained by the Village of Schaumburg.

Where can I Park? - Map for Permit and Daily Fee parking sections 

  • Vehicles that have purchased a Monthly or Quarterly Parking Permit may use the designated Permit section of the lot – or – the Daily Parking section if the Permit section is full.
  • Patrons cannot reserve a specific parking space; lot availability is on a first come first served basis.
  • Handicap parking is available, however persons with disabilities will no longer be exempt from the payment of parking meters unless they have a Meter-Exempt Permanent Placard. For details please see 2015 Illinois Parking Program for Persons with Disabilities.

Daily Fee Parking

$1.75 per day
Use one of the 6 Parking Kiosks located on north side of railroad tracks or the Passport App.
Each parking space is numbered. Be sure to know your space number when you pay.
Payment for a stall does not reserve the space in advance. Users should park first and then pay for the time needed for that particular stall. Payment is required once a person has parked their vehicle in a daily fee parking space.
Daily fee parking is available for a maximum of 14 days, which includes overnight parking.
If you have any issues, please call 847-923-3861 as soon as possible.
Always save your receipt

2 Methods to Pay for Parking

Pay Using Parking Kiosk

Mobile Payment

·  There are six parking meters available that accept coins, paper currency, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

·  Exact change only.

·  Multiple days can be added up to 14 days. Pay attention to how many days you are adding.

·   Always save your receipt

·  Begin by registering a new account. This can be accomplished by downloading the Passport Parking App, going online, or calling 847-380-4332

·  Enter Vehicle Zone Number - (60193)

·  Enter your parking space number

·  Confirm the time needed for your session.


Additional Mobile Payment Notes:

  • The mobile app allows drivers to extend their parking session to the maximum time allowed, add or update payment card details, as well as manage notification and receipt options. The same functions are also available on the mobile website. Additionally, the mobile application and website allow users to select from multiple language options for non-English speakers.
  • For users without smartphones, customers are invited to Pay-by-Voice by calling 847.380.4332, providing the zone (60193), space number (above vehicle stall), and payment information.
  • Users of the Passport Parking application will be charged a $.40 service fee for each initial transaction used to purchase a parking space or to extend time using a space if it wasn’t included in the original transaction. Once the maximum time has been reached, customers must leave their parking spot or they are subject to being ticketed.

Monthly & Quarterly Parking Permits

There are two ways to apply for a Monthly & Quarterly Parking Permit for the Schaumburg Metra Station. For more information on Monthly & Quarterly Permits: Click Here

2 Ways to Purchase a Monthly Parking Permit

 In Person Online 

Business Hours and Holiday Schedule Click here

24/7 Access 

Check, Cash, and Credit/Debit options. There is a 2.35% processing fee for all credit & debit transactions.

To speed up the transaction with the front counter, please fill out this form ahead of time.

All major credit cards accepted including WageWorks Cards

Municipal Center

Finance Counter
101 Schaumburg Ct

Police Department

1000 W Schaumburg Rd

Purchase a Monthly or Quarterly Permit

Persons with disabilities will no longer be exempt from the payment of parking meters and permits unless they have a Meter-Exempt Permanent Placard. For details please see 2015 Illinois Parking Program for Persons with Disabilities.

Parking - South Side of the Railroad Tracks

Parking in the south parking lot at the Schaumburg Metra Station is in the village of Roselle and is NOT maintained or operated by the Village of Schaumburg. Parking on the south side of the railroad tracks can be purchased by using the Parking Kiosks on the south side, by using the Park Mobile App or calling Park Mobile at 877-727-5004. If you are calling or using the app, make sure you use the proper zone number (218) and remember your space number. Questions regarding the south parking lot spaces can be answered by calling SP Plus Parking at 888-578-7275.

Bicycle Parking

The village provides 40 FREE enclosed bicycle lockers in addition to approximately 48 covered bicycle parking spaces at the Schaumburg Metra Station. Please visit the Bicycle Locker webpage for more information.

Public Transportation Options

Pace Route 602
Pace Route 602 provides weekday rush hour commuter service from Golf/Salem Rd to the Schaumburg Metra Station. Stops include Town Square, Cedarcrest/Sienna, and Roselle/Wise. Please view the Pace Route 602 - Metra Feeder webpage for more information.

Pace Route 602 Services These Schaumburg Metra Trains


(To Chicago)

Train Departs Schaumburg At:

7:03 AM

8:00 AM

(From Chicago)
Train Departs Chicago At:
4:20 PM
5:17 PM

Dial-A-Ride Transportation – DART
The Village of Schaumburg’s Dial-A-Ride Transportation, or DART, provides service for Schaumburg Residents to access the Schaumburg's Metra Train Station. When departing from Schaumburg, remember that there is a 90-minute minimum advance reservation for service required and that you may be on the bus for up to 60 minutes, so plan accordingly. On trips returning to Schaumburg, call DART before boarding the train and request service for five minutes after the scheduled train arrival (just in case the train is running behind schedule). For dispatch, call 847-352-8097.

Dial-A-Ride Transportation – DART

DART Services These Schaumburg Metra Trains


(To Schaumburg)

Train Arrives Schaumburg At:

6:36 AM

7:18 AM

8:02 AM

8:57 AM

9:22 AM

10:23 AM

11:22 AM

12:22 PM

1:23 PM

2:32 PM

3:23 PM

4:28 PM

5:13 PM

5:32 PM

5:44 PM

5:59 PM

6:39 PM

7:10 PM

7:37 PM


(To Chicago)

Train Departs Schaumburg At:

6:38 AM

7:02 AM

7:16 AM

7:21 AM

7:50 AM

8:07 AM

8:59 AM

9:59 AM

10:45 AM

11:45 AM

12:45 PM

1:45 PM

2:45 PM

3:45 PM

4:30 PM

5:30 PM

6:30 PM

7:33 PM

8:33 PM


(To Schaumburg)

Train Arrives Schaumburg At:

9:22 AM

11:22 AM

1:22 PM

3:22 PM

4:22 PM

5:23 PM


(To Chicago)

Train Departs Schaumburg At:

10:12 AM

11:15 AM

12:12 PM

2:12 PM

4:12 PM