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Property Tax

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The Village of Schaumburg implemented its first property tax in 2009 and since then has reduced or maintained the levy each year. The 2017 levy was kept exactly the same as 2016 and recently restructured the elements of the levy to give the Village some flexibility due to potential changes from the State of Illinois.


Property taxes are used to pay a portion of day-to-day Public Safety operations such as Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services. It is also used to pay Principal and Interest on bonds sold to fund infrastructure improvements and leverage federal grant funds available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; and Police and Fire Pension obligations. The levy was restructured this year to help the Village prepare for pending legislation proposed at the State level, so residential refuse collection and disposal is covered by a transfer from the General Fund.



The village’s property tax rate is derived by taking the total levy divided by the total Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV) of all real property located within village limits. EAV is determined by the Office of the Cook County Clerk. The EAV for 2017 is estimated to remain fairly constant.

Village Totals 2016 2017 Estimated Percent Change
Estimated Market Value $ 33,641,838,450 $ 33,786,908,350 0.43%
Assessment Level 10% 10% 0.00%
Total Assessed Value $ 3,364,183,845 $ 3,378,690,835 0.43%
VOS Property Tax Levy $ 20,682,773 $ 20,682,773 0.0%
Cook County loss amount 246,068 246,068 1.2%
Total Levy applied to VOS Assessed Value $ 20,928,841 $ 20,928,841 0.0%
Resulting Tax Rate (total levy / total EAV) 0.622% 0.619% -0.4%

More information about Cook County taxes can be found at