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Performance Management

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The success of the village depends on our employees – their capabilities, skills and engagement. We are committed to helping individuals develop to become more effective, recognize their potential, and maximize their contributions.

Performance Management involves ongoing communication between employees and supervisors, in support of accomplishing the mission and goals of the village. Our performance management process includes setting objectives, identifying goals, providing feedback, evaluating results, and performance coaching and development.

Supervisors are required to oversee performance and provide feedback throughout the year to recognize successes and address issues in a timely fashion. Performance Appraisals provide feedback on accomplishments and continuous improvement efforts. They promote common understanding of needs, work objectives, accomplishments, and standards of performance expectations, and provide supervisors with a useful tool to aid in coaching and development.

Clearly defined performance rating definitions were developed based on supervisors’ justifications of their staffs’ performance at each level. It is essential that performance ratings are collaborated and determined based on these performance rating definitions used throughout the organization. The formal performance appraisal is an opportunity to review whether previously discussed performance expectations and goals have been met, to discuss professional development opportunities, and to identify options for acquiring additional skills and knowledge to further career growth.