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Professional Development

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Schaumburg Institute of Professional Development (SIPD)

Our award-winning internal SIPD training program helps employees grow and reach their full potential. SIPD offers both required and elective courses for all full-time and part-time employees. Constant learning, innovation and creativity contributes to our employee’s personal success and is the backbone of our strategic competitiveness.

We offer leadership development courses on topics such as coaching, motivation, creating goals, ethics, leading and managing change, project management, workload management, etc. We also offer elective training on topics such as communications, conflict resolution, time management, business writing, and various technology related topics.

Success Path Leadership Development

We believe in a good balance of both external and internal leadership development. Developing the next generation of leaders is critical to our success. A component of our Talent Management Plan includes succession planning which involves having an effective and efficient process to identify, nominate, and select the best employees for future openings.

The SuccessPath Leadership Development Program is our formal succession planning process. Employees can utilize a tool called Talent Profile that helps identify their career aspirations. At any time, they can update their “online resume” with information that includes their employment history, certifications, education, leadership experience and others.

High potential employees receive a 360°/Multi Rater feedback assessment that provides feedback on strengths and weaknesses. This feedback is used for creating career development goals.

Selected high potential employees also receive external professional leadership coaching and assessments. The Leadership Coach is an expert on professional development and works collaboratively with the high potential to work on creating development plans and identifying developmental tasks that would further prepare the high potential for future career assignments.