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Animal Control

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Email Animal Control Officer Diamond

Pet Vaccinations

Pets vaccinated outside of Cook County need to register their pets with The Cook County Animal Control Office at 708-974-6140. Dial 311 in Schaumburg, if you have any questions.

dogAnimal Control Services

Schaumburg Police Department's Animal Control Officer wants you and your pets to be good neighbors. Often a friendly warning or a word of advice is all it takes

The Animal Control Officer and Community Service Officers provide the following services:

  • Enforcement of all animal related laws and ordinances
  • Transportation of stray domestic animals found within the village limits to the departments' authorized animal hospital/shelter
  • Assistance with nuisance stray/feral cat problems. Humane traps for stray/feral cats are available upon request at no charge by calling 847-348-7251
  • If you have wildlife inside the living space of your home call 311 or 911 for assistance
  • Investigate complaints of animal cruelty or neglect
  • For complaints regarding animals, contact the Schaumburg Police Department at 847.882.3586 or dial 311


  • If you are having problems with nuisance wildlife outside of your home such as raccoons, opossums, skunks, etc., you will be referred to a licensed wildlife relocation service. You can find a list of local wildlife removal service agencies listed in the yellow pages under "animal removal"

  • How to live with native wildlife and solutions to existing problems

  • Live humane traps are only loaned out to residents for nuisance stray/feral cat problems

  • Trapping of wildlife can only be done by a professional wildlife agency that is licensed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, or by obtaining a permit from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

  • Residents can obtain their own temporary trapping permit by contacting the Illinois Department of Natural Resources