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Emergency Operations Center

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new_EOCThe Village of Schaumburg has recently placed into operation its new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) facility which serves as the village’s primary command and control center in the event of a major incident such as a civil disturbance, major fire, flood, tornado, etc. If a major incident occurs, the Village Manager and a team of departmental representatives, serving as members of the village’s Incident Management Team, report to the Emergency Operations Center under the command of the Village President.

The EOC may also be used in less serious incidents requiring only partial activation of the Incident Management Team. Communications and requests for additional assistance of other agencies such as the Cook County and Illinois Emergency Management Agencies and American Red Cross would be made through the Emergency Operations Center. Within the Emergency Operations Center, the Incident Management Team coordinates information flow and makes strategic decisions with the help of the various state-of-the-art communications and software technologies available ensuring the continuity of village operations and supporting the needs of the incident commander who is responsible for conducting the on-scene emergency incident operations.