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Family Therapy Q&A

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What is family therapy?

Family therapy primarily focuses on solving problems in relationships. These problems may be between spouses, co-workers, parents and children, siblings, in-laws, extended family, former spouses, or friends. Family therapy often includes other family members in therapy.

Do I have to be married or have a family to attend sessions?

The goal of family therapy is to improve the health of relationships between people. Because we are all involved in a multitude of interactions, anyone could benefit from family therapy.

What if my spouse or whole family is unwilling to attend?

The most necessary ingredient for therapy to be successful is at least one person who is committed to work on solving the problem. The participation of other family members is helpful, but not essential.

Do I need to attend if the problem is with another family member?

In most situations, the therapist will want to work with anyone who is concerned about the problem. For instance, parents are usually the most knowledgeable party in regard to a difficulty involving their child. You don't have to be part of the problem to be part of the solution.

What is therapy like?

Initially, your counselor will work with you to establish realistic goals to address the problems you or your family want to address in counseling. The strengths and resources of each individual and family are utilized to help achieve these goals.

How long will therapy take?

Most people's problems are resolved to their satisfaction in about 6 to 12 sessions. Sessions are typically scheduled weekly, with greater time in between as the situation improves.

How much does it cost?

Fees are determined from a sliding scale chart based on household income and the number of dependents reliant on that income. Consideration is also given to special circumstances which might prevent payment of the designated fee. The Family Counseling Center also accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO insurance.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call the Family Counseling Center at 847-524-1505. The intake secretary will ask for information about how to contact you, the times you are available for an appointment, and a brief description of the problem. A therapist will then contact you when they have an opening in their schedule which matches your availability.